_dsc7274-copyHi fellow professionals,

my name is Diana and just like you I work as an interpreter and a translator. Not long ago, I happened to come up with an idea of opening a shop with tools and gear for the representatives of my profession. But it all started with the idea of a perfect notepad for consecutive interpreting.

I was attending a TEDx event in Warsaw – if you’ve ever been to one, you know that they’re absolutely impressive and bursting with positive energy. This time, I felt something more – empowerment. It was all around me, in the speakers, in their stories, in the challenges they faced and also in the room itself.

That was when I thought: “Hey, why not start solving problems I have in my every-day life and manufacture a notepad that would not make me spread my hand unnaturally each time I have a consecutive job”? And I did it, just like that.

Maybe that part isn’t entirely true. It took a lot of work, planning and learning, but I have created the product that I am now presenting to you. The ultimate interpreter’s notepad.

Since January 2015, when I opened my first online store in Poland I have introduced a number of products. We, i.e. the professionals who design and manufacture the products I come up with, present to you gear that is needed predominantly by sworn translators, glassware, e.g. mugs of minimalist design that will make your morning tea even tastier, and other products. Some are still being prepared, but we are constantly working hard in order to make your work simpler and more enjoyable.
I am also constantly searching for new ideas, so if you see that the store still lacks some products you need, just let me know.
We are also fully available if there are any issues with your order, site functionality or questions you’d like to get answers to. Just e-mail us at: