Do you have questions or doubts regarding the shop, the products, delivery, payment or other topics? You can always contact us directly, but we suggest looking for an answer first in the Frequently Asked Questions section that we have prepared for you.


What differs the ultimate Interpreter's Notepad from regular notepads

The ultimate Interpreter’s Notepad is dedicated to professional interpreters and adjusted to their needs. It is particularly useful and comfortable in note-taking in consecutive interpreting. Each page includes a left-handed margin and plenty of space for notes. The Notepad also has a hard cover, which allows you to take notes when standing.

What sizes of notepads are available

There are 3 sizes of ultimate Interpreter’s Notepads available in the shop:

120 x 180 mm for Blue Jasmin and Yellow Submarine

120 x 195 mm for Granny Smith


135 x 195 mmfor Brown Sugar.

Notepads in all three sizes easily fit into even small palms.

What materials are used to make products sold in TT shop

Notepads are manufactured with the use of paper (for sheets and cover) and metal (for the spiral). All our products are manufactured by small and medium-sized enterprises in Poland.

Can I personalize my notepad or mug

We do not currently offer personalized notepads or mugs, but this is something we are considering for the future. Let us know, if you would like to order such products and we will think on all the options available.

Are all products on stock

All the products that are available in the shop are also on stock. If, due to higher demand, some products are sold out, we immediately remove them from the shop and inform you about planned delivery..

Can my order be gift wrapped

Sure! Just let us know and include a note in the order. We will make sure that the ordered products are nicely wrapped for the recipient.


Can I get an invoice

We always attach invoices to the parcels ordered products. If you need to change the invoicing data after you have made an order, let us know by sending an e-mail to shop@translatortoolbox.com.

Can change my order

Changing the order, e.g. adding more products or exchanging some products in the order, is possible until the moment we pack and send the parcel.

If you want to change your order, let us know by sending an e-mail to shop@translatortoolbox.com.

Payments - how can I pay for my order

Payments for ordered products are made with PayPal.


How can I check if shipping options include my country

For now we only ship products automatically to contries within the European Union. Let us know if you would like us to ship products to some other locations – we will check out shipping options and find a solution so that notepads, tools and gear can reach you wherever you live.


Can I return ordered products

You can return ordered and unused products within 30 days for whatever reason. Let us know, if there is any reason for your dissatisfaction with the products you ordered. We will do our best to help you and solve the issue.