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4 Granny Smith notepads


A set of four Granny Smith notepads is a quick way to restock and save on shipping costs.

Learn more about the notepads:

This notepad is medium-sized. It is one of four ultimate interpreter’s notepads created and offered to you by Translator Toolbox.

It has 100 sheets with left-hand margins on each page, which gives you plenty of space to make notes during meetings and conferences. Granny Smith has a green cover with our favourite inscription: “found in translation”.
One hundred pages is quite a lot! According to the experiences of our users, it’s quite enough to make notes at a three-day-long interpreting job. It all depends on how you note, e.g. how big your letters and symbols are, how much space you use for noting one message, etc.
Features and benefits:
100 blank pages
left-hand margins on all pages
size: 120 x 195 mm
hard cover
spiral bound
easy to note even when standing
elegant, minimalist design
comfortable in use

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Dimensions 120 x 195 mm


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