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Brown Sugar notepad


Brown sugar notepad

The largest of the ultimate interpreter’s notepads. This one still fits into small hands but gives you more space for notes. It has a classic brown hard cover with an inscription: “found in translation”, an allusion to a well-known film with Bill Murray (we hope you liked it just as we did!).
The Brown Sugar notepad has been created by a Polish designer and produced in a small printing house in Poland. It includes 100 blank sheets with left-hand margins on each page, which gives you well-divided space for your notes.
Perfect for taking notes when standing. And these 100 sheets really make it a very cost-efficient tools – it’s quite enough for a couple of days of note-taking during meetings or conferences.
Features and benefits:
100 sheets
size: 135 x 195 mm
spiral bound
hard cover
with left-hand margins on each page
easily fits into your hand
gives you lots of space to note
comfortably in use, even when standing

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Dimensions 135 x 195 mm


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